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Imprinted concrete Rejuvenation

The regular application of imprinted concrete sealer will protect and enhance all printed and stamped concrete driveways and patios. For old or poor conditioned driveways we use coloured tints, crack repair materials and sealer repair fluids. If the concrete is slippery we can supply an anti-slip additive to make the concrete less slippery to walk on.

Paving Rejuvenation

Block paving clean n seal

Acts as a weed inhibitor for block paving

Improves oil stain resistance to block paved surfaces

Hard wearing

Long lasting

We sell concrete sealer for imprinted concrete and paving

protects many surfaces from abrasion and water penetration.

Consolidates floor surfaces and can be used on both interior and concrete carriageways, walkways, pavements and car parks.

Can be used both internally and externally.

gives attractive gloss finish.