Something about us

Tom mix concrete is a family run Business we Lay ready mix concrete  but being as experienced as we are in the concrete industry we played around,  one thing led to another and know we're creating beautiful landscapes with techniques such as exposed aggregate Concrete & pattern imprinted Concrete cobble stone edges & more, 

Exposed aggregate is highly versatile and contrasts beautifully with plain concrete or other decorative treatments such as imprint and integral colouring. Little maintenance is required, other than sealing and occasional cleaning.

With integrally coloured concrete, the entire batch of concrete is coloured all the way through, similar to adding food colouring to cake icing. All types are generally a blend of synthetic or natural iron-oxide pigments that are formulated to disperse evenly when mixed into fresh concrete, either at the ready-mix plant or at the jobsite. The palette for integral pigments consists primarily of soft earth tones that integrate well with most landscapes and architectural elements. The chief advantage of integral pigments is that the color extends throughout the entire concrete slab, so even if surface abrasion occurs, the color will not wear away. The pigments in integral coloring admixtures also are chemically stable and won't fade over time from exposure to the weather or ultraviolet light.

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